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Brighton, MI

Our Mission Is To Help You Live A Happy, Healthy, Fulfilling Life. We Offer:

Therapy And Groups For Adults, Children, Teens, and Families

Our caring and committed therapists and staff want to help you live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. We specialize in therapeutic services for adults, teens, and children. We believe that everyone can heal from emotional pain in a caring and warm environment. We want you to feel heard and validated. Our therapists will compassionately listen and validate your experience. We understand how emotional pain can cause issues in many parts of a person's life. We will teach you new and healthy ways to cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, and other emotional issues that are causing you to feel stress in your life. Our center offers a variety of groups for children, teens and adults.


We have a dynamic, committed, team of therapists and staff that want to help you realize your strengths and live an empowered life. When you come to our center, you will enter a warm, caring, environment. We are not just trained to work with a variety of emotional issues, we are truly committed to you. We want to help you gain control of your life by supporting and guiding you. If you are looking for therapists and coaches that believe in you, call us for an appointment. We have evening hours for your convenience. We also provide teletherapy services for your convenience.


Due to Covid-19 the program has been temporarily suspended until further notice, Thank you for understanding.

We are proud to announce our Kaleidoscope program for teens. This is a new innovative program designed for and by teens. The Kaleidoscope program is client centered. The teens at our center and in the community, developed therapeutic groups that meet their needs.  Teens created an interactive, inspiring, space with original artwork and design concepts. We wanted to give the teens in our community the opportunity to develop groups that work for them. Please see our list of groups on our website! Call if you have a teen that can benefit from counseling or group services. We are here to help!

We offer services for:

Grief and Loss
Adult/Child ADD
Adult/Child Asperger's
Gaming addiction
Gender Identity Issues

Call us and take the first step to starting a new journey in your life that will lead to personal fulfillment and happiness. Call our center today at (810)-626-3282. We have evening appointment available and teletherapy appointments available upon request.

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